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Communication and Coordination for Tax Matters

Compared with other countries, China is one of the most complex and challenging tax environments in the world. In China, frequent changes in tax laws and regulations, the understanding and implementation of the tax law vary from place to place. The tax inspection is very strict while the effective administrative reconsideration procedure is relatively backward. These factors inevitably make taxpayers face many uncertainties and challenges in tax matters.

These uncertainties make it easy for taxpayers to face tax legal compliance risks and impose a fine on the taxpayer. They cannot enjoy the tax benefit, and it causes double or multiple tax losses, even damages the taxpayer's good reputation.

We help clients actively prevent, effectively manage and provide optimal coordination solutions to resolve tax disputes between customers and Chinese tax authorities.

The main services include, but not limited to:

◆ Suggestions and Strategies for tax divergence Coordination

◆ Application for adjudication of tax matters

◆ Participation in improving tax policies

◆ Effectively respond to tax inspection

◆ Tax affairs reconsideration and litigation procedure consulting

◆ Mutual consultation process support