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Agent for Tax Administrative Reconsideration/Administrative Litigation

Administrative reconsideration for taxation refers to that the parties( taxpayers , withholding agents, tax payment guarantor and other tax parties) refuse to accept tax authorities and their staff to make tax specific administrative action, to apply to a higher tax authority (reconsideration organ) in accordance with the law, the administrative organ for reconsideration will make maintenance, change, cancellation and other decisions of the specific administrative ACTS of the original tax authorities after the trial according to law. Taxation administrative suit refers to citizens, legal persons and other organizations who believe that the specific tax administrative ACTS of original tax authorities and their staff are illegal or improper, and infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests,to bring an administrative lawsuit to a people's court according to law,, and the people's court shall examine the legality of the specific tax administrative act and make judicial decisions on the ruling. Its purpose is to ensure the correct and timely handling of tax administrative cases by the people's courts,to protect the lawful rights and interests of taxpayers, withholding obligations and other parties, to maintain and supervise tax authorities to exercise their administrative functions and powers according to law. We can use professional knowledge and accumulated experience and reputation, concentrate superior resources, to provide enterprises with professional tax administrative reconsideration services and tax administrative litigation services, to ensure that customer's tax review and litigation procedure comply with relevant laws and regulations so that their legal rights and interests are fully protected.